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Ramboda is one of the most scenic cities of Sri Lankan hill country with so much to offer. It will keep you both occupied and fascinated during your stay without a doubt. Other than simply unwinding in the chilly climate of Ramboda, you can cycle, hike and camp amongst some of the greatest wonders of nature. Camping at Chariot path, trekking to waterfalls, a walk to hanuman temple and visits to tea factories provides the perfect excursions for you to create endless memories with your loved ones. Ramboda is the perfect location for your next staycation with so much to offer!

Chariot Path

Chariot path surrounded by its lush greenery and breath-taking views is undoubtedly the most scenic hike in the hill country, with its roots tied to the greatest tales of King Ravana. If you are a nature-loving backpacker, chariot park is the ideal site to set up camp without any controversy. Chariot Path located amongst the misty mountains of Frotoft Tea Estate is one of those strolls between autumn and winter. These vivid landscapes of Chariot Path stationed just 20 KMs from the comforts of Hotel Thuruliya are believed to be the route which King Ravana took Seetha from his capital city of Lankapura to Ashoka Vatika by his chariot to show her the magnificence of his kingdom.

Spectacular Waterfalls

Ramboda Falls, Poonawa Falls, Divithura Falls.

Thuruliya Hotel stands facing the Chromatic Poonawa waterfalls enhancing the glory of splendid views encircling the hotel premises. Furthermore, Ramboda Falls and Divithura Falls are also located in close proximity to the hotel waiting to be explored offering all the reasons to visit Ramboda; the ecstatic essence of Nuwaraeliya. Adding to the many adventures waiting to be explored at Nuwaraeliya, both Ramboda falls and Poonawa falls provides an astounding trek for both experts and novices. Thus, the treks leading to explore these magnificent waterfalls in all its glory is an absolute sight to behold.

Tea Factories

Sri Lanka is renowned for its tea plantations producing the finest tea across the globe full of flavours and aroma. The cold, refreshing climate at Nuwaraeliya embraces fresh and healthy grow of tea, making Ramboda a prominent location for tea plantations. The Glenloch tea factory, Damro Tea Factory and Bluefield tea factory are few of the plantations just minutes away from Thurliuya hotel producing the finest Ceylonese tea. Thus, a visit to these tea factories will not only allow you to taste delicately brewed tea but also allows you to walk away with the knowledge of the fascinating process from plucking tea to the subsequent processes in the factory floor delivering fresh tea. Post visiting the tea factories you can sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh cup of tea at Thuruliya, where we offer a widespread of flavours just for you to indulge in.

Hanuman Temple

The elegantly crafted Hanuman temple is sited in serene surroundings overlooking picturesque valleys and mountain ranges. The locals believe this natural mountain range is shaped to portray Hanuman sleeping face upwards praying for Lord Krishna. The 40 feet tall Hanuman statue stands proud at the entrance overseeing the temple premises. This meticulously built temple having rather remarkable links to the history of Ceylon is located just 10 minutes away from Hotel Thuruliya. Hence, you can easily set foot in this spectacular temple creating enchanting memories especially on the days of pooja, where the temple is vibrantly adorned with flower garlands and silk.

Kothamle Dam

Amongst all the natural beauty surrounding Hotel Thuruliya, the glimpse of Kotmale Dam is certainly a quest to unveil further. Located just ___ min away from the contentment of Hotel Thuruliya, Kothmale Dam is the second-largest hydroelectric power station of Sri Lanka. The trek to the Dam will astonish you with breath-taking views allowing you to experience the wonders of mother nature at its finest. The serenity aside, a visit to the Kothamle Dam will also give you the exposure to embark on learning its exquisite irrigation process, construction milestones and the history behind.